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Rejuvenate with a Total Mind-Body Detox  3-5 Days of Ayurvedic Treatments

Panchakarma (PK) translates to mean five actions. This refers to the five ways in which to cleanse the body naturally, by using and assisting the natural functions of the body. These processes are deeply in tune with the way energies flow, grow and heal, thus improving your quality of life and longevity. Panchakarma is gentle, suportive, safe and effective.

Panchakarma is a highly-individualized process, based on your needs and goals. Contact Patricia Foss to design your panchakarma series today.

Basic Panchakarma

Basic Panchakarma Example Package


Starting at $765 for a 3-day cleanse

$1275 for a 5-day cleanse

An example Basic Panchakarma Cleanse Package includes 3-5 days or more

with the following services:

-An initial 20 minute consultation call

- A daily 90 minute massage

- A daily 30 minute Shirodhara treatment

- A daily Steam/Sauna treatment

Basic level panchakarma is perfect for those who are attending group classes, are following the guidance of an Ayurvedic Practitioner, who are on a budget, or who are seasoned, experienced practitioners of Panchakarma and just need a little advice.

Traditional Panchakarma

Complete service including delicious cooked meals

Starting at $2,800

Includes 5 or more days of:

- An initial 60 minute consultation call to determine your imbalances, concerns or goals (2-4 weeks prior to cleanse, in person or on Zoom)

- A daily 2 person synchronized classic Ayurveda massage with custom-blended oil

- A daily 30 minute Shirodhara treatment

- A daily Steam/Sauna treatment

- One Added treatment (i.e. dry brushing; garshana; hrid, netra, or kati basti) 

- 3 prepared meals to take home

-Herbs & oils to prepare at home for post-cleanse treatments

- A Daily prepared meal to eat onsite, and one to take home

- End of panchakarma plan for an exit cleanse and designed plan for diet & lifestyle routines post-cleanse

- Post-panchakarma follow-up in person or via Zoom to check in and fine-tune your lifestyle plan as needed

Luxury Level Panchakarma gives time and space for a deeper level of cleansing and relaxation, with full support pre, during and post-cleanse. 

Oil Massage


Any of the following services can be added to customize your cleanse.

Have Trish as your Guide

  • 60 min intake 2-4 weeks prior to cleanse

  • Daily check-in Q&A during your cleanse

  • 30 minute follow-up post-cleanse


Netra Basti

Oil treatment with Dough Ring around the eyes

$50/each eye


Shower in-studio after your treatment sessions.


Tandem Massage

Add a second massage therapist for a tandem abhyanga massage.


Basti/Enema Kit

A take-home self enema with recipes, herbal formulas and instructions.



Dry Silk Massage



Oil treatments can be done on specific places like:

Kati for low back; Hrid (heart); one shoulder, knee, kneck, etc.


Meditation/Chanting Session

Bring intention into your cleanse treatment sessions through guided meditation and mantra.


Your Panchakarma treatment plan is customized especially to meet your health & wellness goals.
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