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Select from two types of full-body treatments, and add additional therapies below.

Pouring Massage Oil


A combination of Swedish, Deep Tissue, Cupping, passive range of motion, and gentle stretching to alleviate pain, stiffness, and sore muscles for treatment or relaxation, or both. I often include relaxation in my injury treatment because it is so important to the healing process.


This massage is an integrative whole body treatment that uses beautiful warmed oils (specific to your body constitution) massaged over entire body, including face, scalp, chest and abdomen to improve circulation of blood and lymph and also to improve digestive functions. Marma or energy points are also targeted, and use of deep-tissue massage as needed.


(Traditional Ahbyanga, with two synchronized therapists, is available at an additional cost. See add-ons in the online-booking menu.)



Choose from any of the therapies below to combine with your full-body treatment.

Are you a new client, new to Ayurveda, and unsure what treatment is for you? Text 206-778-6612. 



This friction massage with silk gloves gently exfoliates the skin, helps lymphatic drainage and facilitates weight loss.   

A continuous stream of warm oil flowing on the forehead for 30 minutes induces a very relaxed state. Excellent for anxiety, insomnia,
excessive thinking, inability to concentrate and balancing hormones.  

Cosmetic Dropper Bottles
sauna 2.jpeg

Herbal Steam Therapy

Enjoy a detoxifying herbal steam after massage. Our
sauna is a cabinet that keeps your head out of the steam, an Ayurvedic tradition.

Relaxing, deeply penetrating heat is anti-inflammatory and offers the benefits of sweating at a more comfortable temperature than a regular dry sauna.

Netra basti 1

Hrid (Heart) Therapy

A beautiful and relaxing therapy for assisting in releasing emotions, or stored emotions.
Helps to process emotions relating to loss, grief and relationship conflicts.
A ring of dough is placed on the heart chakra and filled with a special ayurvedic oil. When the emotional heart is more balanced, physical heart symptoms can be resolved.  

Netra Eye Basti

The eyes are bathed in ghee to reduce redness, strain and wrinkles, as well as give luster to the eyes. Incredibly relaxing.

Ultimate Cleanse:
Daily Ayurvedic Treatments for 3-5 Days

Panchakarma helps cleanse, detox and rejuvenate your body & mind. 

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